Top-Notch Canine and Feline Boarding Facilities

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Boarding and Grooming

Boarding at Town and Country Animal Hospital is designed to offer the best boarding experience for you and your pets.

We offer individualized and separate boarding facilities for canine, feline, and exotics.

We are dedicated to creating the highest quality experience for our customers.

  • Large canine runs.
  • Cat condos for all your feline friends.
  • Separate avian boarding.
  • Separate exotic pet boarding.  

Hospital Care: 

We offer specialized hospital care for your recovering pet.

Bathing and Grooming at Town and Country Animal Hospital

At Town and Country Animal Hospital, we are happy to help owners bathe their pets.

  • We bathe dogs and cats and offer a variety of shampoos including medicated shampoos to help your pet’s skin.
  • All of our baths come with complimentary nail trims!
  • While there is no groomer at TCAH, we do offer basic shave downs and sanitary cuts.

Call us today to schedule an appointment at 601.261.3839.

Downloadable Forms:

TCAH Boarding Policy: Click here to download Boarding Policy. 

Hospital Boarding Facilities

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